Eugene Neighborhood Report for 2017 Now Available 

Eugene’s system of formally recognized neighborhood associations provides a variety of opportunities for community building in Eugene. Neighborhood associations offer multiple ways for neighbors to meet one another, learn about issues in their neighborhoods, hear about City programs that affect neighborhoods and the work of community partners, and join together to advocate for the health, safety and well-being of their neighborhoods. Each year, neighborhood associations report on their activities and events, issues they’ve considered, outreach and engagement, and goals for the following year. That information is compiled and reported via a memo to City Council.

You can view the memo here.

Considering results of the 2017 neighborhood association reports, Eugene’s 17 active neighborhood associations held 209 meetings and hosted 14 events involving over 5000 neighborhood residents. Neighborhood associations explored issues ranging from homelessness, land use, transportation, hate and bias prevention and response, disaster preparedness, neighborhood planning, parks and open space, and urban wildlife. Neighborhood associations worked with businesses, schools, churches and other community partners to hold informational meetings, topical events such as personal safety, homelessness and disaster preparedness fairs, picnics and park events, and neighborhood work parties.


Community & Neighborhood Matching Grants Now Available!


The Neighborhood Matching Grants (NMG) program began in 2000 with the adoption of Council Resolution 4632. In that time we’ve funded 133 projects in our neighborhoods. The benefits of the NMG program go well beyond the financial investment and are an important tool for building community, creating connections and improving our neighborhoods, parks and natural areas.

Beginning July 16 2018, applications for smaller projects, less than $5,000 will be considered by HRNI and other City staff for approval and funding on an ongoing basis until May 1, 2019 (or funding used). Staff involved in the review process will be selected based on the project under consideration.

The review process for large projects ($5,000 – $12,000) will begin January 2019 using the current application and pre-review process which includes evaluation and recommendations from the Department Advisory Committee, and review and approval by City Council with funding available for approved projects on July 1, 2019.

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Party in the Parks

Coming this summer to your neighborhood.
  • Tugman Park: June 19th
  • Willakenzie Park June 26th
  • Churchill Sports Park: July 10th
  • Maurie Jacobs: July 17th
  • Bethel Community Park: August 7th
  • Washington Jefferson Skate Park:  August 14th
  • Arrowhead Park: August 21st
Eugene Sunday Streets
  • Downtown: Sunday July 29th noon to 4pm
  • EUG Parade! : 10am-noon
  • West Eugene/Churchill: Sunday September 23rd noon to 4pm

For more information, visit

C-2 Zoning Work Session Scheduled for Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A C-2 Zoning Work Session was requested by City Council through a poll initiated by Ward 2 Councilor Betty Taylor, including a number of questions related to the C-2 Community Commercial zone.  The work session is intended to provide answers to Councilor Taylor’s questions.

When: Wednesday, June 20, 2018 at 12pm at Harris Hall

Here’s how the code describes C-2: “The C-2 Community Commercial zone is designed to implement the Metro Plan by providing areas for community commercial uses. These areas usually include at least 5 acres and not more than 40 acres, and are intended to include a wide range of purchaser goods and entertainment, office, and service needs for a support population smaller than that of the metropolitan area but larger than that of a neighborhood.”

C-2 allows buildings up to 120 feet tall and is intended for commercial areas but exists in much less suitable sites. Continue reading

Housing and Homelessness Committee Meeting Thursday, May 24 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm

The Housing and Homelessness Committee Meeting will take place Thursday, May 24 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm at the McNail-Riley house. Regan Watjus, Homeless Policy Analyst for the City of Eugene, will join us to share information about the city’s direction in addressing homelessness and neighborhood group involvement.

Housing and homelessness subcomittee (4)

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City of Eugene, Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement 2017 Hate and Bias Report

The Office of Human Rights and Neighborhood Involvement (HRNI) coordinated the release of the 2017 Hate and Bias Report with this forum to provide context to the report. This report is made possible through collaboration with the Eugene Police Department (EPD) and HRNI. There were 87 reported crimes motivated by hate, and 51 recorded non-criminal incidents.

Download the report here:

Land Use Code Amendendment Vote at Eugene City Council Meeting: May 14, 2018

The City Council is scheduled to take action on three ordinances pertaining to land use code amendments. The first ordinance includes amendments related to the allowance of secondary dwellings. The goal of the proposed amendments is to expand the areas in which secondary dwellings are allowed in the City, as required by recent state legislation (Phase 1 Implementation of Senate Bill 1051).

The proposed amendments focus on where secondary dwellings will be allowed in the City and will increase the number of zones where secondary dwellings are permitted. Continue reading

Downtown Update to Eugene City Council: May 14, 2018

Monday’s city council work session will provide an opportunity for council to receive an update on strategies being implemented to support downtown placemaking, urban parks, public safety and social services. These strategies are implemented through staffing, physical improvements and programing.

Staff will review work to date, speak about what has been learned and how that informs our plans for the future, and provide a preview of efforts and activities planned for the summer season. The work session will provide Council with information in regards to funding for the 2018 season.

When: Monday, 05/14/2018 Agenda