Neighborhood Leaders Council Meeting Minutes: June 2017

Note taker: Wayne Wilson                                    Date: 6/26/18       

PUBLIC COMMENT: (Speaker and topic, contact info if provided/necessary)

  1. Cindy Kokis – Affordable housing/SDU occupancy
  2. Audrey Stuart – Envision Eugene
  3. Emily Farthing – Sunday Streets

GUEST SPEAKERS: (Speaker and topic, contact info or resources, links, etc.)

  1. Mayor Lucy Vinis – Discussion on Neighborhood Land Use Involvement
  2. Thomasina Bates – Discussion Facilitator on Neighborhood Land Use Involvement
  3. John Belcher – Clear and Objective Standards Overview

ACTION – Approval of May Minutes

DISCUSSION – NLC representatives discussed Neighborhood involvement with Mayor Vinis on neighborhood involvement in the process of creating land use policy. Discussion was facilitated by Thomasina Bates.

DISCUSSION – Follow up on the discussion with Mayor Vinis.

DISCUSSION – Jon Belcher introduced the topic of Clear and Objective Standards relating to land use.  Jon proposed a subgroup of Land Use Committee be formally formed.

ACTION – Motion: “Create subcommittee of Land Use Committee with defined membership to engage in the Clear and Objective Standards update process

Proposed by: John Belcher

Seconded by: Randy Prince

Vote: Aye 15 Nay 0 Abstain 1

Summary of Discussion:

The subcommittee will look through the objective pathway and do the following

  1. Serve as an interface to staff
  2. Educate the group
  3. Share and coordinate information
  4. Make our role effective

NAs Present:

Tai Pruce-Zimmerman – Active Bethel Citizens, Randy Prince – Amazon Neighbors Assoc., Wayne Wilson – Churchill Area Neighbors, Pete Knox – Downtown Neighborhood Assoc., Margie James – Friendly Area Neighbors, Richard Harris – Goodpasture Island Neighbors, Sheryl Kelly – Laurel Hill Valley Citizens, Jon Belcher – River Road Community Org. , Carolyn Jacobs – South University Neighborhood Assoc. , Dennis Hebert – Southeast Neighbors, Janet Bevirt – Southwest Hills Neighborhood Assoc., Cliff Gray – Trainsong Neighbors (inactive), stacey yates – Whiteaker Community Council, Kevin Reed – Northeast Neighbors, Clark Cox – West University Neighbors (inactive)

HRNI Present:

Rene Kane

NAs Absent:

Cal Young, Fairmount, Far West (inactive), Harlow, Jefferson Westside, Industrial Corridor (inactive), Goodpasture Island Neighbors, Santa Clara Community Org. ,


NLC Meeting Minutes April 2018 [draft]

Note taker: Wayne Wilson                                     Date: 4/24/18

PUBLIC COMMENT: (Speaker and topic, contact info if provided/necessary)

  • John Jaworksi – NEN, Shared neighborhood leaders progress working on SDCs, provided handout (included with minutes), contact at
  • Steve Piercy – FAN, Transportation Vision Zero, contact at
    Todd Boyle – Amazon, low-income housing advocacy, contact at

GUEST SPEAKERS: (Speaker and topic, contact info or resources, links, etc.)

Eben Fodor – Middle Housing?
A presentation and conversation around housing, zoning, neighborhoods and potential big changes to all three looming on the horizon. While the goal of providing a growing population with more housing choices and more affordable options is widely accepted, Continue reading

NLC Meeting Minutes (draft)

Neighborhoods Represented: Southeast Neighbors, Downtown Neighbors Association, Friendly Area Neighbors, Goodpasture Island Neighbors, Jefferson West side Neighbors, Laurel Hill Valley Citizens, River Road Community Org, South University Neighborhood Assoc, West University Neighbors, and the Whiteaker Community Council.

NLC members were joined by Shanalea Forrest from the Community Alliance of Lane County (CALC) and HRNI program manager, Jen Lleras Van Der Haeghen.

Neighborhood Highlights: Land Use

Jefferson Westside:
  • Working on refinement plan
  • Exploring Form based planning
Goodpasture Island Neighbors:
  • Traffic and parking related to new development is ongoing concern
South University Neighborhood Association:
  • Measure 99 claim
  • Traffic safety crossing Hilyard at 20th
River Road Community Organization:
  • Working on their area plan (using $100,000 grant)
  • Exploring transit oriented design
Laurel Hill Valley Citizens –
  • New construction in area
  • Attending lots of meetings, need help with recruitment
Whiteaker Community Council:
  • Land use has not been a focus, pressing quality of life issues are top concern
  • Still inactive
  • New building construction going on, very noisy
  • Clarke will need a ride to and from the meetings in the future
Downtown Neighborhood Association –
  • No land use issues
Southeast Neighbors –
  • The public process surrounding the traffic impact analysis has been used as a forum for people to share their personal feelings about growth and development but was never actually a forum for this purpose. The appeal and the hearing were about the approval of the traffic study. Opponents believe it should not have been approved because it did not deal with the problem of vehicles turning left from 32nd onto Hilyard or the spillover to surrounding streets. In other words, it wasn’t the development that was appealed as much as it was the recommendations for traffic mitigation
  • The Southeast Neighbors board has been divided about pursuing the appeal and in its approach to welcoming Amazon Corners to our community.
Friendly Area Neighbors –
  • SW-SAZ has been major focus
  • Beginning Outreach to businesses

Neighborhood Response to Hate and Bias Incidents

Incidents have dramatically increased. Reporting is essential.

The Role of Council and Leaders

  • Communicating about the value of diversity and inclusion
  • Publicly speaking against bias, hate, bigotry, prejudice, violence and intolerance – let your neighbors know that they can count on you
  • Participating in specific incident responses with outreach to constituents and the broader community
  • Prioritizing vulnerable or threatened groups
  • Addressing hate and bias incidents
Being Proactive
  • Work with community partners before something happens
  • Make a plan for how you would respond
  • Familiarize yourself with the hate graffiti symbols and report ASAP
  • Community Alliance of Lane County, or CALC provides rapid response team to respond to hate and bigotry through Back to Back: Allies for Human Dignity (B2B)
  • Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement staff can come to board meetings to facilitate community conversations
What is Happening in Whiteaker
  • Rumors that white supremacy extremist groups are no longer listed as threats in counter-terrorism programs has emboldened racist actions
  • 14 incidents of nazi graffiti in the Whit during the past month; hate posters may have razor blades behind them – do not touch them, report them ASAP
  • Tension between antifascist groups and American Front (AF) a white supremacist organization
  • Very tense relationship with EPD, poor response times; need more patrol, need more response
  • Hate related crime that goes unresponded to increases
  • “Lane Community Defense Network” has formed a rapid response team for events in progress (contact them at

Board Business & HRNI Update

  • Heather Sielicki was voted in co-chair
  • Unanimous motion passed to thank Deb Jones
  • Jon Belcher moved to reconvene create budget committee, will begin meeting in April
    • NAs should review CIP and advocate for any desired changes (policing, parks, transit, etc)
  • Department advisory committee to meet to review matching grants
    • Rene will follow up to see what happens to funding that is not awarded
  • HRNI has created binders for Latino and Immigrant families to understand how to prepare themselves if they are contacted by the authorities. Emergency go kit.

Next Meeting: Tue, March 28, 7pm – 9pm

Because of concerns about policing and safety in the community, we decided to invite Pete Kerns to the next NLC meeting. Rene will reach out to invite him. Heather will send out a call for feedback to capture questions and concerns from the neighborhoods to give to him in advance.

March 22 meeting minutes

Neighborhood Leaders Council
Minutes of March 22, 2016

Neighborhoods Present: Amazon, Churchill, Downtown, Far West, Friendly, Jefferson Westside, South University, Southeast, Trainsong, West University, Whiteaker, and Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement Staff

1. Approval of February minutes – approved

2. Public comment – none

3. City sponsored summer events in parks –
Guest: Colette Rameriz, City of Eugene Lib/Rec/Cultural Services
A variety of EugFun! neighborhood park events, concerts, movie nights is happening this season. Printed EugFun! season “passport” and online schedule ready in May. See
City makes an effort to spread events and their events budget throughout the city. Contact Colette with any neighborhood input and/or NA outreach suggestions.

4. Red Cross/First Aid Service Teams
Guests: Carisa Hettich and Sam Haffey
Recruiting volunteer teams for summer Olympic Trials. Free first aid/CPR training offered in April. Open to high school juniors/seniors and adults. Also Red Cross continues their Home Fire Preparedness Campaign, with free smoke alarms. Consider them for community info tables at our neighborhood events.

5. HRNI Report – circulated electronically

6. Budget Committee update – we have no information yet re: proposed outreach budget for FY17. It is not clear if we will have any information before the city manager presents his proposal in May. Anyone may sign up to receive City Budget Committee updates:

7. Neighborhood Highlights – lots of juicy stuff

8. Next meeting agenda – City Parks & Open Spaces staff will talk about notification for pesticide spraying, pesticide free parks program, etc. Next quarterly Neighborhood Chat will be earlier the same evening.

Neighborhood Leaders Council Minutes of February 23, 2016

Neighborhoods Present: Bethel, Churchill, Downtown, Far West, Friendly, Jefferson Westside, Laurel Hill Valley, River Road, Santa Clara, South University, Southeast, Trainsong, West University, and Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement Staff

1. Approval of November minutes – approved

2. Public comment– Anand Holtham-Keathely. Festival of Eugene: Call for volunteers and involvement.

3. Nominating Committee– Wayne Wilson elected co-chair
Vote: 11-0-1

4. 10 Things They Won’t Tell you about the NLC

5. Communications Update– Heather Sielicki , No current chair for committee. Started an NLC website on wordpress. Continuing to search for cheaper printing. Rene will circulate suggested common headings for our NA pages on the HRNI website.

6. Neighborhood Highlights

7. NLC Planning– Neighborhood chat topics and scheduling. Weekend trainings for team building suggested as well as scheduling chats separate from NLC meeting.
Next neighborhood chat is scheduled for April, discussion may focus on city sponsored summer events.

Neighborhood Leaders Council Minutes of January 26, 2015

Neighborhoods Present: Bethel, Amazon, Cal Young, Churchill, Downtown, Fairmount, Far West, Friendly, Goodpasture Island, Jefferson Westside, Laurel Hill Valley, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest Hills, Trainsong, and Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement Staff

1. Approval of November minutes – approved

2. Public comment
Sasha Luftig – LTD/Moving Ahead,

3. Neighborhood Highlights

4. Evoting procedure
Motion: NLC Electronic Voting Procedure (implementing Bylaws Article VII, Section 4)

When the NLC Co-Chairs have determined that an electronic motion for action by the NLC has been properly made and seconded, and they have determined that a vote on the motion cannot wait until the next regular meeting of the NLC, they shall appoint one Co-Chair to conduct an electronic vote using the following procedure.

1. The Co-Chair shall set a deadline by which NLC members must cast their vote, and send an email with that deadline and the exact wording of the motion to all representatives on the official NLC email list. The Co-Chair shall communicate the same information to those NLC members whose e-mail address is unknown or otherwise unavailable by email, either in person, by telephone, by text message or by other reliable means. The time allowed for voting shall be no less than two days and no more than five days.

2. While online discussion for clarification of the motion is allowed, an electronic motion cannot be amended. The maker of the motion can withdraw their motion, with or without the permission of the second, at any time before the close of voting. In this event, any NLC member may submit an alternative motion, and if seconded, the voting process begins afresh for the new motion. Only one motion on any subject can be considered at any given time. In the case of uncertainty about whether two motions cover the same subject, the NLC Co-Chairs shall make a determination, which cannot be challenged until the next regular NLC meeting.

3. Each neighborhood has one vote. That vote must be cast by the duly appointed or elected NLC representative for the neighborhood, or their designated alternate. The vote is cast by a direct and unambiguous communication to the NLC Co-Chair conducting the vote, either in person, by email, by telephone, by text message, or by other reliable means, and must be available to the Co-Chair by the close of voting.

4. At the close of voting, the NLC Co-Chair conducting the vote shall communicate the result to the NLC email list, as well as by other means to those members not on the NLC email list. The emailed result message shall list each neighborhood that voted and their vote, and list those neighborhoods that were eligible to vote but abstained. The NLC Bylaws (as amended) state that the motion is adopted if it is approved by a simple majority of current NLC voting members, in other words, YES votes must exceed the sum of NO votes and abstentions.

5. The NLC Co-Chair conducting the vote shall report the motion text and the voting result at the next regular NLC meeting and include them in the minutes of that meeting.

Vote: unanimous. Motion passed.

Discussion – You can change your vote within the voting window. A motion could be made on a new, emerging topic, and the co-chairs would determine if it warrants electronic action. The quorum needed is slightly higher than that needed at a meeting. We expect this procedure to be rarely used, and most likely during the city budget process.

5. Nomination Committee – the committee nominates Wayne Wilson as next co-chair. Election at February meeting.

6. Communications Committee –
Updates on potential costs savings in our individual NA outreach budget
A) Save money on postage:

• The idea to use an ENI nonprofit bulk mail permit has hit a dead end on several angles. So this idea is no longer on the table.
• Best bet is for NAs to pursue their own 501c3 tax exempt status for long term savings. Assumption is that we would continue to receive any city funding and have ad-free publications. Otherwise, if we go with all-advertising-funding, then we can’t take advantage of a nonprofit rate.

B) Save money on printing:
• NAs that are currently 501(c)3s should get printing quotes from Springfield Public Schools Print Services. They may print for any nonprofit. They have a nonprofit mail permit to use if you are already nonprofit. Contact is Doug Darling,
• There is the option to combine the news of several NAs in order to get a larger print run and cheaper cost per piece. This option would take a lot more coordination with partnering NAs. A trial run with a few existing/adjacent NA newsletters might be worth exploring.

C) Raise more money:

• Selling ads is a viable option, but would take time/skills. The ban on advertising has been lifted by city council. The city (and HRNI funding/reimbursements) will be charting new territory with NAs as we pursue ad revenue and blending city funds with private funds to pay for things.

7. Next meeting agenda –staff from City’s Community Events to discuss 2016 schedule and opportunities for neighborhood involvement.

Minutes prepared by Deb Jones

NLC Minutes of November 24, 2015


Neighborhoods Present: Bethel, Amazon, Churchill, Downtown, Friendly,  Jefferson Westside, Laurel Hill Valley, River Road,  Southeast, Southwest Hills, Trainsong, West University, and Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement Staff

1. Approval of October minutes – approved

2. Public comment

3. Neighborhood Assoc response to the homelessness crisis

Presenters: Mike Kinnison/HRNI, Ken Neubeck/Human Rights Commission

Mike and Ken presented an overview of current local services for people experiencing homelessness. Legal camping options, in-car camping program, rest stops, new dawn to dusk pilot program, safe parking program, Egan Warming Center. We saw a new map that shows the current distribution of these services around the city. Mike and Rene are circulating to any interested NA boards to get us thinking about locations within our ‘hoods that might accommodate more such services. There is a push to distribute these services more evenly across the city.

4. Nomination Committee – the committee to find a nominee for next co-chair will be Deb Jones, Alberta Cook, Heather Sielicki.

5. FY17 Budget Committee – gearing up

  • Discussion: Our last budget lobbying effort got us reinstatement of outreach and matching grant funds for one year only. We need a permanent fix, rather than annual lobbying effort.  Can we provide our case early enough to Budget Committee to avoid the scenario that city manager proposes a cut? Ask HRNI to modify their annual report form for NAs to collect more of the information that is helpful to making our case.
  • When will we have tangible progress to report on communication cost savings? See Communications Committee update on nonprofit bulk mailing. Also, HRNI is forming a support plan/committee to help struggling NAs revive/get active again with whatever tailored form of help is appropriate. Rene has not much response from NA board members to help with this project and will promote it again.

This year’s NLC Budget Committee members – Jon Belcher, Pete Knox, Randy Prince. We also will ask others who helped last year (Stephen Heider, Juan Carlos Valle, Josh Newman, John Barofsky).

FY17 Budget Committee timeline has already started – see to sign up for budget committee updates.

6. Communications Committee – we need to reconvene this group, esp to organize/show our progress to the city Budget Committee. We are investigating whether Eugene Neighbors Inc (ENI) can provide a nonprofit bulk mailing permit for individual NAs to use. This would save a large amount of money.

7. Next meeting agenda – final procedures for e-voting.

Minutes prepared by Deb Jones

Neighborhood Leaders Council Minutes of October 27, 2015


Minutes prepared by Deb Jones

Neighborhoods Present: Active Bethel Citizens, Amazon, Cal Young  Neighborhood Association, Churchill Area Neighbors, Downtown Neighborhood Association, Fairmount, Friendly Area Neighbors,  Jefferson Westside Neighbors, Laurel Hill Valley Citizens, Northeast Neighbors, River Road Community Organization, Santa Clara Community Organization, Southeast Neighbors, South University Neighborhood Association, Southwest Hills Neighborhood Assoc, Trainsong, West University Neighbors, and Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement Staff

  1. Approval of September minutes – approved
  1. Public comment
  • Pete Soreson – is running for Lane County Commissioner
  • Lucy Vinis – is running for mayor
  1. Neighborhood Involvement report
  2. Debrief of MUTPE at-large advisory committee member selection
  • Selected at large members are Bill Aspegren and Lloyd Helikson,
  • 9 neighborhood associations nominated people for these seats. 10 NAs voted.
  • Feedback on the low participation:
    • MUPTE is not a concern in some neighborhoods.
    • Most nominees were not known by most NAs. Short candidate statements did not provide enough information, esp to rank all 13 nominees.
    • Not all NA boards could discuss the process by email and/or under short time frame.
    • Maybe some votes did not count because voter did not rank all 13 names.
  • Suggestions for the future:
    • Time frame for the whole process should be longer.
    • Look for alternate online voting tools that do not require ranking of all candidates.
    • Considering the Oct 2014 motion of NLC (“NLC believes that the two neighborhood standing reps should be selected by the NLC not by the Mayor”) – it’s not clear that the NLC process had any impact on generating nominees.
    • We can invite the two at-large reps to future NLC meetings.
    • NLC to discuss how to re-establish some clout with this city manager. In the past, city managers have relied on the NLC for appointing people to city advisory committees.
  1. SDCs (System Development Charges) – use of the 50% credit allowed by new MUPTE ordinance when certain conditions are met
  • Guest Mark Schoening, City Engineer, Public Works
  • This item continues discussion of how the Oct 2014 NLC motion has become incorporated into the new MUPTE ordinance.  “To the extent allowed, SDCs collected from approved MUPTE projects should be applied directly to the affected neighborhood to mitigate the impacts of the project to quality of life in the area.”
  • SDCs have to be used for the purpose they were collected (e.g. transportation, storm water, etc.) Cannot mix and match funds between these groups. There may not be any SDCs collected on projects which are exempt such as affordable housing projects. MUPTE does not waive SDCs. Neighborhood impacts that extend beyond the neighborhood that contain the project are not necessarily covered.
  • It was unclear how and when the CIP (Capital Improvement Plan) can be amended now and whether the process can be modified by the Council. The CIP is a 6-year plan that is generally updated every 2 years. Mark suggested that the annual budget approval and the two subsequent updates might be times to add projects to the CIP. However, it was noted that one cannot anticipate development and predict their impacts on the neighborhood.


  • Original NLC intent was mostly aimed at transportation needs. Transportation SDCs must be used on arterials or collectors, but lots of new development is happening on local streets. This targeted usage policy was determined by the Eugene City Council and is not a State requirement.
  • The reality of spending SDCs in accordance with state and local policies is more complicated than our original NLC motion anticipated.  Clarity is needed to determine whether and how SDC assessments are made and credited to the developer and what process/es need to be in place for them to be allocated to mitigate local impacts as envisioned by the motion.
  • We also need to understand how the PEPI (Privately Engineered Public Improvements) process impacts as well.
  1. Neighborhood Highlights  
  1. Neighborhood Chats in 2016
  • Proposal is to hold chats quarterly, alternate between structured and unstructured, schedule for a different night than NLC business meeting, find a different venue than Atrium (where people can buy food), or rotate to different neighborhoods.