May Neighborhood Leaders Council Agenda

May 24, 2016, 7:00-9:00 PM – Sloat Room in the Atrium


Agenda Review and Minutes

Public Comment

Phil Carrasco, Oregon Strong Voice Coalition

Disaster preparedness at the neighborhood level  – informational

Guest: Devonne Maxey, Outreach Coordinator, City Risk Services

  • Neighborhood disaster preparedness plans: lessons from recent
  • disaster response exercises

HRNI Report – informational

Budget Committee update – informational 

Communications Committee – informational              

Neighborhood Highlights – informational


Questions for the group

  • Issues of importance for the group

Next meeting agenda and August picnic planning



  • Wayne Wilson Wilson (
  • Deb Jones (

Previously Suggested Future Agenda Topics:

  • Cell towers – understanding current zoning (June meeting topic)
  • Leadership skills/volunteer recruitment & management/cross pollination with commissions
  • Refinement plans – getting your first one, updating an existing one
  • Neighborhood boundaries
  • Official standing with the city
  • Neighborhood Summit weekend
  • Criteria for NLC taking a position
  • Considerations for neighborhoods forming 501(c)3s
  • Green alleys – Jeff Luers and Mark Schoening
  • State of Eugene Parks and System Plan – Director Craig Carnagey

NLC Minutes of November 24, 2015


Neighborhoods Present: Bethel, Amazon, Churchill, Downtown, Friendly,  Jefferson Westside, Laurel Hill Valley, River Road,  Southeast, Southwest Hills, Trainsong, West University, and Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement Staff

1. Approval of October minutes – approved

2. Public comment

3. Neighborhood Assoc response to the homelessness crisis

Presenters: Mike Kinnison/HRNI, Ken Neubeck/Human Rights Commission

Mike and Ken presented an overview of current local services for people experiencing homelessness. Legal camping options, in-car camping program, rest stops, new dawn to dusk pilot program, safe parking program, Egan Warming Center. We saw a new map that shows the current distribution of these services around the city. Mike and Rene are circulating to any interested NA boards to get us thinking about locations within our ‘hoods that might accommodate more such services. There is a push to distribute these services more evenly across the city.

4. Nomination Committee – the committee to find a nominee for next co-chair will be Deb Jones, Alberta Cook, Heather Sielicki.

5. FY17 Budget Committee – gearing up

  • Discussion: Our last budget lobbying effort got us reinstatement of outreach and matching grant funds for one year only. We need a permanent fix, rather than annual lobbying effort.  Can we provide our case early enough to Budget Committee to avoid the scenario that city manager proposes a cut? Ask HRNI to modify their annual report form for NAs to collect more of the information that is helpful to making our case.
  • When will we have tangible progress to report on communication cost savings? See Communications Committee update on nonprofit bulk mailing. Also, HRNI is forming a support plan/committee to help struggling NAs revive/get active again with whatever tailored form of help is appropriate. Rene has not much response from NA board members to help with this project and will promote it again.

This year’s NLC Budget Committee members – Jon Belcher, Pete Knox, Randy Prince. We also will ask others who helped last year (Stephen Heider, Juan Carlos Valle, Josh Newman, John Barofsky).

FY17 Budget Committee timeline has already started – see to sign up for budget committee updates.

6. Communications Committee – we need to reconvene this group, esp to organize/show our progress to the city Budget Committee. We are investigating whether Eugene Neighbors Inc (ENI) can provide a nonprofit bulk mailing permit for individual NAs to use. This would save a large amount of money.

7. Next meeting agenda – final procedures for e-voting.

Minutes prepared by Deb Jones