Clear & Objective Workshop

Monday, October 8, 2018, 5:30-8:30 PM
Fire & EMS Administration Office, 1705 West Second Avenue, Eugene, OR

The work group will cover Transportation, Geo-Tech/Slope, and Compatibility issues.  The Summary of Key Issues report provides a basis for this next phase of work. The final report and Appendix D, a summary of the feedback received on the draft report, are available under the ‘links’ tab on the project website

Free Film Series about Homeless Camping

Join the Eugene Human Rights Commission Homelessness Work Group to watch a film about one summer in a tent city under a bridge in Indianapolis. The story has striking similarities for homeless communities in Eugene and many other cities, particularly on the West coast, and is particularly relevant given the recent federal court ruling stating that “cities can’t prosecute people for sleeping on the streets if they have nowhere else to go because it amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.”

We will watch the film and then have a panel led discussion and Q&A session.


Land Use Committee Meetings

by Jon Belcher

The NLC Land Use Committee has two tasks to tackle. First we have been asked to draft a response to Mayor Vinis based on our June NLC meeting with her.  Secondly we should start discussing the Clear and Objective Standards Task Force and how we can optimize our participation. We have scheduled two meeting times for these discussions:

  • This Thursday 8/23 from 6 to 8 PM at the Woodfield Station Market of Choice upstairs in the Community Room (2nd Floor). (2580 Willamette St.)
  • Wednesday 8/29 from 7 to 8:30 PM in the multipurpose room at Hilyard Community Center (2580 Hilyard St.)

Please contact Jon Belcher ( for more information.

Neighborhoods 101 Workshop

Thursday September 20 from 5:30 to 8:30 is HRNI’s annual Neighborhoods 101 Workshop. It’s a great opportunity to meet other board members, learn about our office (and who to call) and gain a few skills that will help you do your work even better.

This workshop will emphasize the Hate & Bias Prevention and Response Toolkit and how board members and neighbors can create a more welcoming community and be prepared when and if hate or bias incidents occur in your neighborhood.

Neighborhoods 101 is open to any current board member and it’s open to your neighbors who want to know more about neighborhood associations or serving on a neighborhood board. Things will be learned. Fun will be had. Food will be served. Space will be limited.

Register for Neighborhoods 101 here.

Neighborhood Leaders Council Meeting Minutes: June 2017

Note taker: Wayne Wilson                                    Date: 6/26/18       

PUBLIC COMMENT: (Speaker and topic, contact info if provided/necessary)

  1. Cindy Kokis – Affordable housing/SDU occupancy
  2. Audrey Stuart – Envision Eugene
  3. Emily Farthing – Sunday Streets

GUEST SPEAKERS: (Speaker and topic, contact info or resources, links, etc.)

  1. Mayor Lucy Vinis – Discussion on Neighborhood Land Use Involvement
  2. Thomasina Bates – Discussion Facilitator on Neighborhood Land Use Involvement
  3. John Belcher – Clear and Objective Standards Overview

ACTION – Approval of May Minutes

DISCUSSION – NLC representatives discussed Neighborhood involvement with Mayor Vinis on neighborhood involvement in the process of creating land use policy. Discussion was facilitated by Thomasina Bates.

DISCUSSION – Follow up on the discussion with Mayor Vinis.

DISCUSSION – Jon Belcher introduced the topic of Clear and Objective Standards relating to land use.  Jon proposed a subgroup of Land Use Committee be formally formed.

ACTION – Motion: “Create subcommittee of Land Use Committee with defined membership to engage in the Clear and Objective Standards update process

Proposed by: John Belcher

Seconded by: Randy Prince

Vote: Aye 15 Nay 0 Abstain 1

Summary of Discussion:

The subcommittee will look through the objective pathway and do the following

  1. Serve as an interface to staff
  2. Educate the group
  3. Share and coordinate information
  4. Make our role effective

NAs Present:

Tai Pruce-Zimmerman – Active Bethel Citizens, Randy Prince – Amazon Neighbors Assoc., Wayne Wilson – Churchill Area Neighbors, Pete Knox – Downtown Neighborhood Assoc., Margie James – Friendly Area Neighbors, Richard Harris – Goodpasture Island Neighbors, Sheryl Kelly – Laurel Hill Valley Citizens, Jon Belcher – River Road Community Org. , Carolyn Jacobs – South University Neighborhood Assoc. , Dennis Hebert – Southeast Neighbors, Janet Bevirt – Southwest Hills Neighborhood Assoc., Cliff Gray – Trainsong Neighbors (inactive), stacey yates – Whiteaker Community Council, Kevin Reed – Northeast Neighbors, Clark Cox – West University Neighbors (inactive)

HRNI Present:

Rene Kane

NAs Absent:

Cal Young, Fairmount, Far West (inactive), Harlow, Jefferson Westside, Industrial Corridor (inactive), Goodpasture Island Neighbors, Santa Clara Community Org. ,