Housing Solutions Forum: The Future of Housing

by Kaarin Knudson, AIA-SWO Design Excellence Committee

How can we make more affordable, accessible, age-friendly housing available to more people of all ages, ability, income, and backgrounds in thriving and connected neighborhoods? Join us for an engaging morning of dialog on the future of housing, land use, and creating communities for all ages.

Learn about “Missing Middle Housing” from the man who coined the term — nationally known architect and urbanist Daniel Parolek of Opticos Design, Inc.  Daniel will describe the full range of Missing Middle Housing options and trends in America’s residential landscape that often limit housing choice. Hear from local speakers on the challenges and opportunities to meeting the region’s growing need for affordable, accessible, and age-friendly housing.

Learn about critical housing policies under consideration at the Oregon legislature, including tenant protections and affordable housing development and preservation, homeownership and more.

The Mayors will co-introduce the Forum, and Daniel will facilitate a workshop and panel discussions on local and state housing issues. The agenda will move swiftly, but our hope is to support the ongoing effort to provide quality, diverse, age-friendly housing in our communities.

Please identify participants who can bring forward ideas from your individual neighborhood to attend. These events promise to be inspiring and productive opportunities for engagement.

Workshop and Panel Discussion @ Sprout Market Hall
April 12 @ 8:00-11:30am / 7:30am light breakfast

Eugene Urban Growth Boundary Recommendation Moving Forward

After almost five years of community visioning, technical analysis, and public input, the Envision Eugene Planning has presented the preliminary UGB recommendation for adding land to Eugene for jobs, parks, schools, and single family homes. The recommendation includes four areas of expansion:

  • Clear Lake: Land for over 3,000 jobs, commercial support services, a 222 acre community park, and a future Bethel school all master planned and served by a green infrastructure system
  • Santa Clara: Land for a 35 acre community park
  • Bailey Hill/Gimpl Hill: 60 acres of land for 134 single family homes
  • Bloomberg/McVay: 230 acres of land for 400 single family homes, existing employment lands, a park and a reservoir

The Bloomberg/McVay expansion area will impact our neighborhood most directly. The study area extends along both sides of 30th Avenue from Spring Blvd down to I5.


Link to PDF of the relief map:  Bloomberg/McVay UGB Expansion Area


Through the end of January you can view the details of the recommendation and submit your comments through the On-line Open House at www.envisioneugene.org.

  1. January 13th, 4-6 pm will be an in-person open house in the Atrium lobby at 99 West 10th Avenue.
  2. January 20th, 7:30 pm will be a City Council public forum at Harris Hall, 125 East 8th Avenue.