Housing Affordability

NLC statement submitted to the Mayor, City Manager and City Council on December 5, 2018

Mayor and Council,

We all agree that housing affordability and availability are growing problems in our community. The City’s neighborhood associations are committed to helping address these issues; those who are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage or to even find a place within their budget are our neighbors and we want to find ways to assist them. 

We were initially hopeful that the Housing Tools and Strategies working group would have a robust deliberative process that would result in well researched recommendations to you. Unfortunately, we feel there was insufficient time and little or no analysis done for the participants to adequately discuss and assess the pros and cons of the options presented.  

Given this, by a unanimous vote of the NLC members we are asking that the Council not move forward on any recommendations from the HT&S Working Group before adequate analysis has been done to assess the benefits and potential negative impacts of each recommendation. NLC hopes that Council will utilize the efforts of the working group to identify all options and strategies that could most benefit from more in-depth analysis and direct the City Manager to establish new working groups to do this work.

We stand ready, as individuals and neighborhood leaders, to work with you to determine what we can do to lessen this financial burden for all our neighbors. 

Pete Knox

Heather Sielicki

NLC Co-Chairs

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