Neighborhood Leaders Council Meeting Minutes: June 2017

Note taker: Wayne Wilson                                    Date: 6/26/18       

PUBLIC COMMENT: (Speaker and topic, contact info if provided/necessary)

  1. Cindy Kokis – Affordable housing/SDU occupancy
  2. Audrey Stuart – Envision Eugene
  3. Emily Farthing – Sunday Streets

GUEST SPEAKERS: (Speaker and topic, contact info or resources, links, etc.)

  1. Mayor Lucy Vinis – Discussion on Neighborhood Land Use Involvement
  2. Thomasina Bates – Discussion Facilitator on Neighborhood Land Use Involvement
  3. John Belcher – Clear and Objective Standards Overview

ACTION – Approval of May Minutes

DISCUSSION – NLC representatives discussed Neighborhood involvement with Mayor Vinis on neighborhood involvement in the process of creating land use policy. Discussion was facilitated by Thomasina Bates.

DISCUSSION – Follow up on the discussion with Mayor Vinis.

DISCUSSION – Jon Belcher introduced the topic of Clear and Objective Standards relating to land use.  Jon proposed a subgroup of Land Use Committee be formally formed.

ACTION – Motion: “Create subcommittee of Land Use Committee with defined membership to engage in the Clear and Objective Standards update process

Proposed by: John Belcher

Seconded by: Randy Prince

Vote: Aye 15 Nay 0 Abstain 1

Summary of Discussion:

The subcommittee will look through the objective pathway and do the following

  1. Serve as an interface to staff
  2. Educate the group
  3. Share and coordinate information
  4. Make our role effective

NAs Present:

Tai Pruce-Zimmerman – Active Bethel Citizens, Randy Prince – Amazon Neighbors Assoc., Wayne Wilson – Churchill Area Neighbors, Pete Knox – Downtown Neighborhood Assoc., Margie James – Friendly Area Neighbors, Richard Harris – Goodpasture Island Neighbors, Sheryl Kelly – Laurel Hill Valley Citizens, Jon Belcher – River Road Community Org. , Carolyn Jacobs – South University Neighborhood Assoc. , Dennis Hebert – Southeast Neighbors, Janet Bevirt – Southwest Hills Neighborhood Assoc., Cliff Gray – Trainsong Neighbors (inactive), stacey yates – Whiteaker Community Council, Kevin Reed – Northeast Neighbors, Clark Cox – West University Neighbors (inactive)

HRNI Present:

Rene Kane

NAs Absent:

Cal Young, Fairmount, Far West (inactive), Harlow, Jefferson Westside, Industrial Corridor (inactive), Goodpasture Island Neighbors, Santa Clara Community Org. ,


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