Residential Streets Focus for Busy Road Construction Season

by Cindy Koehler, Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement

Eugene Public Works is planning for another busy year of road construction projects. In all, construction crews will rebuild or resurface more than 20 roads throughout the city. While most of the projects are on local, residential streets, crews will improve four main corridors as well as enhance safety features for people who walk and bike. Combined, the improvements are expected to total more than $10 million and repave a total of more than 18 lane miles of streets.

The larger projects include portions of West 11th Avenue (Bertelson Road to Danebo), Garfield Street (Roosevelt to 6th Avenue), 7th Place (Bailey Hill Road to Highway 99), and West Amazon Drive. The rest of the work, 17 roads, will be primarily residential streets.

Most of the funding for these capital projects come from the 2012 voter-approved bond measure. As part of the Public Works’ Enhanced Street Repair Program, the City will also resurface Spring Boulevard (south of 27th Avenue) and Jeppesen Acres (east of Gilham), along with several smaller streets.

People are asked to slow down and pay extra attention when inside road construction zones. Safety is always a top priority for those working to improve the roads and those traveling through.

For project-specific information, go to For more information about ongoing road work, go to,, or follow Eugene Public Works on Twitter at @EugenePW. Information about the condition of Eugene streets and the estimated amount of needed street repairs throughout the city can be found in the 2018 Pavement Management Report.

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