Eugene Planning Commission Reviews Principles and Values of Public Participation for Community Planning and Legislative Planning Projects

The Planning Commission’s Public Involvement Sub-Committee (PC PIC) has identified the need for additional guidance regarding public involvement in planning activities as a supplement to the City’s currently adopted policies related to citizen involvement. At the May 8, 2017 work session, the Planning Commission will have the opportunity to learn about an existing set of values and principles contained within the City’s Public Participation Guidelines. Commissioners will also have the opportunity to discuss the practical application of these values and principles to planning projects and processes.

The Planning Commission may also consider passing a motion to endorse these values and principles for use in developing and reviewing project-specific public involvement plans.

Following the 2015 Planning Commission retreat, the PC PIC was formed to explore issues that were raised related to involving community members in planning processes and decisions, and report back to the Planning Commission. Over the past year the PC PIC has been meeting to refine its role, operating procedures, and work plan. During this process, the Planning Commission identified the need for a set of principles to inform public participation activities – a resource for designing and evaluating public involvement in planning processes. Read more…

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