Neighborhood Leaders Council Minutes of February 23, 2016

Neighborhoods Present: Bethel, Churchill, Downtown, Far West, Friendly, Jefferson Westside, Laurel Hill Valley, River Road, Santa Clara, South University, Southeast, Trainsong, West University, and Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement Staff

1. Approval of November minutes – approved

2. Public comment– Anand Holtham-Keathely. Festival of Eugene: Call for volunteers and involvement.

3. Nominating Committee– Wayne Wilson elected co-chair
Vote: 11-0-1

4. 10 Things They Won’t Tell you about the NLC

5. Communications Update– Heather Sielicki , No current chair for committee. Started an NLC website on wordpress. Continuing to search for cheaper printing. Rene will circulate suggested common headings for our NA pages on the HRNI website.

6. Neighborhood Highlights

7. NLC Planning– Neighborhood chat topics and scheduling. Weekend trainings for team building suggested as well as scheduling chats separate from NLC meeting.
Next neighborhood chat is scheduled for April, discussion may focus on city sponsored summer events.

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