Neighborhood Leaders Council Minutes of January 26, 2015

Neighborhoods Present: Bethel, Amazon, Cal Young, Churchill, Downtown, Fairmount, Far West, Friendly, Goodpasture Island, Jefferson Westside, Laurel Hill Valley, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest Hills, Trainsong, and Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement Staff

1. Approval of November minutes – approved

2. Public comment
Sasha Luftig – LTD/Moving Ahead,

3. Neighborhood Highlights

4. Evoting procedure
Motion: NLC Electronic Voting Procedure (implementing Bylaws Article VII, Section 4)

When the NLC Co-Chairs have determined that an electronic motion for action by the NLC has been properly made and seconded, and they have determined that a vote on the motion cannot wait until the next regular meeting of the NLC, they shall appoint one Co-Chair to conduct an electronic vote using the following procedure.

1. The Co-Chair shall set a deadline by which NLC members must cast their vote, and send an email with that deadline and the exact wording of the motion to all representatives on the official NLC email list. The Co-Chair shall communicate the same information to those NLC members whose e-mail address is unknown or otherwise unavailable by email, either in person, by telephone, by text message or by other reliable means. The time allowed for voting shall be no less than two days and no more than five days.

2. While online discussion for clarification of the motion is allowed, an electronic motion cannot be amended. The maker of the motion can withdraw their motion, with or without the permission of the second, at any time before the close of voting. In this event, any NLC member may submit an alternative motion, and if seconded, the voting process begins afresh for the new motion. Only one motion on any subject can be considered at any given time. In the case of uncertainty about whether two motions cover the same subject, the NLC Co-Chairs shall make a determination, which cannot be challenged until the next regular NLC meeting.

3. Each neighborhood has one vote. That vote must be cast by the duly appointed or elected NLC representative for the neighborhood, or their designated alternate. The vote is cast by a direct and unambiguous communication to the NLC Co-Chair conducting the vote, either in person, by email, by telephone, by text message, or by other reliable means, and must be available to the Co-Chair by the close of voting.

4. At the close of voting, the NLC Co-Chair conducting the vote shall communicate the result to the NLC email list, as well as by other means to those members not on the NLC email list. The emailed result message shall list each neighborhood that voted and their vote, and list those neighborhoods that were eligible to vote but abstained. The NLC Bylaws (as amended) state that the motion is adopted if it is approved by a simple majority of current NLC voting members, in other words, YES votes must exceed the sum of NO votes and abstentions.

5. The NLC Co-Chair conducting the vote shall report the motion text and the voting result at the next regular NLC meeting and include them in the minutes of that meeting.

Vote: unanimous. Motion passed.

Discussion – You can change your vote within the voting window. A motion could be made on a new, emerging topic, and the co-chairs would determine if it warrants electronic action. The quorum needed is slightly higher than that needed at a meeting. We expect this procedure to be rarely used, and most likely during the city budget process.

5. Nomination Committee – the committee nominates Wayne Wilson as next co-chair. Election at February meeting.

6. Communications Committee –
Updates on potential costs savings in our individual NA outreach budget
A) Save money on postage:

• The idea to use an ENI nonprofit bulk mail permit has hit a dead end on several angles. So this idea is no longer on the table.
• Best bet is for NAs to pursue their own 501c3 tax exempt status for long term savings. Assumption is that we would continue to receive any city funding and have ad-free publications. Otherwise, if we go with all-advertising-funding, then we can’t take advantage of a nonprofit rate.

B) Save money on printing:
• NAs that are currently 501(c)3s should get printing quotes from Springfield Public Schools Print Services. They may print for any nonprofit. They have a nonprofit mail permit to use if you are already nonprofit. Contact is Doug Darling,
• There is the option to combine the news of several NAs in order to get a larger print run and cheaper cost per piece. This option would take a lot more coordination with partnering NAs. A trial run with a few existing/adjacent NA newsletters might be worth exploring.

C) Raise more money:

• Selling ads is a viable option, but would take time/skills. The ban on advertising has been lifted by city council. The city (and HRNI funding/reimbursements) will be charting new territory with NAs as we pursue ad revenue and blending city funds with private funds to pay for things.

7. Next meeting agenda –staff from City’s Community Events to discuss 2016 schedule and opportunities for neighborhood involvement.

Minutes prepared by Deb Jones

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